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Geronimo Rumpfgondel, Carbon, Ersatzteil

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Art.Nr.: Geronimo-Rumpfgondel
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Geronimo Rumpfgondel, Carbon, Ersatzteil
Ersatz Rumpfgondel für den Geronimo .
Passend für Segelflugzeuge und Motorsegler mit etwa 250cm Spannweite. Spinner Durchmesser ca 30-32mm. Als Rumpfrohre passen das Rohr TA06. Tragflächenauflage bis maximal 205mm.

Aus Carbon und Keflar

Gewicht: ca. 46g


The pod was designed to be used for glider and EP gliders. The wingspan can be about 2,5 meters.

  • The cross section of the pod is as small as possible, yet large enough to allow comfortable embedding of the equipment.
  • The spinner can be of 30-32 mm diameter.
  • The rear plunge diameter suits for the TA06 booms.
  • Max. diameter for the boom is 21 mm.
  • The wing saddle is shaped for the Mark Drela airfoil AG40.
  • The length of the wing saddle is 205 mm.
  • The weight incl. canopy hatch is ca. 46 grams.
  • The total  length is 585 mm
  • Two servos of total height up to 30 mm can be installed under the wing saddle: Dymond 47, MKS6100 etc.