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Art.Nr.: KST135-X10mini-Servorahmen-Sperrholz
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Ein passender Sperrholzrahmen für den liegenden Einbau von KST X10mini / KST135  Servos.

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Mount frame for servos X10mini / KST135.
The frame is made of high quality multilayer ply 4 mm.

We highly recommend to screw the servo to the frame and to glue the complete unit in position

When just the mount is glued in position, without the threads formed, you can encounter following problems:

  • the screwdriver must be pressed, the wing surface can be damaged
  • the screwdrived can slip from the bolt and can run through the wing surface
  • the hole for the bolt can be partially filled with epoxy, then, while the bolt is screwed in, the epoxy "plug"  is pressed into the wing surface
  • the glue in the corners does not allow correct fit of the servo in the opening

If there are no screws which attach the servo, glue it in position either with silicon glue or similar.

Package: 2 pcs