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Q12X Rumpfgondel, Motorversion, Ersatzteil

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Art.Nr.: Q12X-Rumpfgondel-Motorversion
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Q12X Rumpfgondel, Motorversion, Ersatzteil
Q12X Rumpfgondel, Motorversion, Ersatzteil
Q12X Rumpfgondel, Motorversion, Ersatzteil
Ersatz Rumpfgondel für den Q12X . Version mit eingebautem Motorspant.

Passend für Motorsegler mit etwa 2m Spannweite. Spinner Durchmesser ca 30-32mm. Motorapann Durchmesser ca. 32mm. Als Rumpfrohre passen das Rohr TA01 und TA03. Tragflächenauflage bis maximal 190mm.

Aus Carbon und Keflar


The pod was designed to be used for glider and EP gliders. The wingspan can be about 2 meters.

  • The cross section of the pod is as small as possible, yet large enough to allow comfortable embedding of the equipment.
  • The front part is long enough to allow folding of prop of up to 14 inches diameter.
  • The spinner can be of 30-32 mm diameter. Installed firewall 32mm, prepared threads M4 for wing screw.
  • The rear plunge has diameter to attach the TA01 or TA03 booms.
  • The wing saddle is shaped for the Mark Drela airfoil AG44.
  • The wing chord can be in range 175 - 190 mm.
  • The weight incl. canopy hatch is ca. 30 grams.
  • The total  length is 450 mm
  • Two servos Dymond 47 can be installed under the wing saddle.